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mental coaching For stress resilient peace of mind

Your mind is the most powerful tool you will ever possess. While you think you are running the show and you may think you are aware of all  your everyday decisions, numerous neuroscientists have demonstrated that most of our decisions are, in fact, run by your subconscious mind.

Being so, whatever it is you want to be in the future and what you wish to change, make sure you have both unconsious and consious mind working hand in hand towards the same goal. On your side.

Increase your stress resiliense — learn to stress with style and to your benefit

Several studies have shown that prolonged stress is the root cause of over 90 % of all the diseases. Our inheret tendency is to run away from the pain, so in order to manage and cope with stressful situations we might end up covering up uncomfortable feelings: we might eat too much, drink alcohol too much, exercise too much, gamble too much… We grab on what ever there is at hand to ease up our pain instead of dealing with the original problem.

The symptoms of stress vary from digestive problems, headaches and pain of any kind, thinking and memory problems, consentration problems, sleeping disorders, anxiety and depression, weight issues… just to name a few.

The question now is: would you like to understand how to stress with a style that serves you? Can you afford stressing in an unhealhty way? Wouldn’t you be better off enjoying life?

You can be the masterpiece of your life, you can learn to master of your mind and you most certainly can learn to stress with style. You can learn to manage stressful  situations and stop making choises that does not benefit you. I can’t promise you will never feel pain again. But I can promise you won’t fall for good – instead you’ll get a flexible mind and you’ll bounce back quickly. 

Walk with me through the change, and you’ll never walk alone because you will trust yourself and your minds capacity  to deal with what ever life throws at you.

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